emmianne jagosz is a graduate from wayne state university with a bfa in dance. she is from manhattan, kansas but has always considered herself more of a city dweller. she has worked with artists such as biba bell, laura donnelly, jarell gordy, nicholas leichter, julie pentz, karen prall, and christopher woolfolk. as a human and dancer, emmianne is driven by consciousness and tolerance. her interests lie with somatics, mind/body connection, and therapeutic movement. she initially fell in love with dance, not because she liked the way it looked, but rather the way it made her feel. her work is influenced by humanity and the joys that come with it: pain, sorrow, happiness, laughter, life, and death. in her free time she enjoys doing yoga, eating out, and shopping at target.

artist statement

being human and exploring the strangeness that is life:

empathy- connecting with others

hate- purging of anger

addiction- breaking cycles

confusion- asking questions

love- self-acceptance

my end goal is always tranquility. i make movement in order to heal: mind, soul, and body. my goal is to mend the body with movement. i use my movement as a way to drain worries of everyday life away. after this drainage I am just left with my body in space: free to move, free to speak, free to breathe. one might think this letting go would offer emptiness, but rather it offers wholeness. the worry nevers completely leaves, it becomes a mechanism for choreography. my creation of choreography begins by bringing  in a feeling, a moment, a mood into the space then transform that emotion and sentiment into choreography. what better way to be energized and inspired than being human and exploring the strangeness that is life?


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